Online Grocery Store in Abeokuta

Are you  in Abeokuta and you are finding it difficult to move outside and do some shopping due to lot of works and the stress? Worry  no more  is an online supermarket that offers you personal and convenient online groceries, foods and drinks shopping experience in Abeokuta, Nigeria. We deliver in 59 minutes, your fresh fruits, vegetables, household items, toiletries, drinks, beverages, health & beauty products, food cupboard, babies & child care products, drugs & pharmaceutical products, office supplies and lots more.

online grocery store in abokuta

Why use Hmstore?

  • We are fast. We deliver your order in 59 minutes unfailingly.
  • We are reliable. We can never disappoint you.
  • We have competent and professional staffs that have experience in this business.
  • Our staffs know in and out of Abeokuta, so, we can never have delivery problem.
  • We offer cost effective service. Our service is high charged. We offer the best and the cheapest.
  • And lots more .

What are you waiting for?  Let go ahead and do some shopping for you at

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