Night Vision Binoculars Generations

Night Vision Binoculars Generations

The types of night vision binoculars available can be broken down into three generations:

1st Generation: The most popular type of night-vision binoculars on the market. 1st generation make up the most affordable models, and they are great for those who want only the absolute basics in being able to see clearly at night.

2nd Generation: These are primarily used by law enforcement and other professional organizations. They are considerably higher performing than the 1st generation binoculars, so that means they’re also going to be considerably more expensive.

3rd Generation: The absolute finest night vision technology is used in the 3rd generation models. This is a good resource for more information: This is why these particular binoculars can run anyone interested in owning one as much as 3000 dollars.

This video explains the difference between 2nd and 3rd generation:



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